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Green Sustainability Solutions Inc. is an all inclusive sustainability solution providing waste hauling, consulting on and off site, detailed reporting and materials for key stakeholders. 
We provide transparent waste, recycling and compost disposal services to businesses, restaurants, and the film industry in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.
Our goal is to responsibly divert as much waste as possible from the landfill to achieve optimal diversion results. 

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Organic Compost

Professional Services

Garbage Pick-Up & Hauling

Waste will be brought to the Peel Region landfill. Click here to see what is accepted.

Recycling Pick-up  & Hauling

Recyclable items will be brought to Peel Region. Click here to see what items are accepted.

Compost Pick-up & Hauling

Compost and organics are brought to SusGlobal Energy Corp. They accept BPI certified compostables, paper napkins, paper towels, loose shredded paper, cotton balls, greasy pizza boxes, microwave popcorn bags, corn stalks, house plants (soil removed), food scraps, fruit and vegetable peels, bones, meat, fish, coffee grounds and filters.

PPE Pick-Up & Hauling

PPE will be collected and brought to Terracycle for recycling.

Sustainability Consult

To begin the process of working together, we will come and assess your location's sustainability needs. We will determine the quantity and size of bins, frequency of servicing, as well as discuss the level of commitment desired (basic or advanced packages are available, see below for details.)

Hand Sorting

Waste, recycling and compost can be hand sorted to ensure optimal diversion percentages. One of our trained team members will go through each bag to assure accurate reporting.

Sustainability Reporting

Our team members will weigh each bag of garbage, recycling and compost and will use the gathered data to create detailed waste diversion reports each month.

Sustainable Demolition & Deconstruction

Residential, Commercial, and Emergency Demolition can all be provided while taking care of the remains in a sustainable manner. Please contact us for an assessment and quote.


Choose a package that works for you and your team!

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Waste, Recycling and Organics Package

The Basic Package includes garbage, recycling and compost pick ups for your business! This includes complimentary bin rentals, and diversion reports delivered monthly. 

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The Advanced Package

The Advanced Package includes ongoing sustainability consultation, garbage, recycling, compost, PPE pickups, speciality recycling (makeup containers, batteries, bulbs, etc.), bin rentals, hand sorting, signage, and detailed diversion reports delivered monthly. Clients will also have access to discounted garbage, recycling and compost bags.

Wall Demolition

Sustainable Demolition and Deconstruction

Sustainable Demolition includes tearing down or removing a residential building or commercial space. With the materials that are left over, we provide a service to take care of this waste in a sustainable manner. Get in touch for an assessment and quote.

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Disposable Cutlery

Our Approach

At Green Sustainability Solutions, we believe in the power of collaboration and technology to drive effective waste management solutions. We work closely with businesses, municipalities, and organizations of all sizes to develop customized waste management strategies that reduce waste, maximize recycling and recovery, and minimize environmental impact. Our approach encompasses the following key principles:

1. Waste Reduction and Prevention: We understand that the best way to manage waste is to prevent it from being generated in the first place. Through careful analysis and planning, we help our clients identify opportunities to reduce waste at the source and implement practices that promote sustainability throughout their operations.

2. Recycling and Resource Recovery: Recycling plays a vital role in conserving resources and reducing the strain on our environment. We assist our clients in developing efficient recycling programs that ensure materials are properly sorted, processed, and reintroduced into the supply chain. By maximizing resource recovery, we minimize the need for new raw materials and contribute to the circular economy.
3. Composting and Organic Waste Management: Organic waste, such as food scraps and yard trimmings, can be a valuable resource when managed properly. We offer expertise in developing composting systems that enable the conversion of organic waste into nutrient-rich compost. This not only diverts waste from landfills but also provides a sustainable solution for enhancing soil health and promoting agriculture.
4. Energy Recovery and Waste-to-Energy: Certain types of waste, such as non-recyclable plastics and biomass, can be utilized for energy generation. We assist our clients in exploring waste-to-energy technologies, including anaerobic digestion and incineration with energy recovery, to extract valuable energy from waste while minimizing environmental emissions.

5. Education and Outreach: We believe that raising awareness and educating the community are crucial for long-term sustainable waste management. Through workshops, seminars, and educational campaigns, we empower individuals and organizations to make informed choices and actively participate in waste reduction and recycling initiatives.

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